Dan Wuori

educator, author, advocate for early learning

Coming Fall 24!

For a century, America’s early childhood policy has been premised on a myth. This falsehood— which dictates that child care and education are somehow separate and distinct—not only suboptimizes the most important window in all of human development but costs American taxpayers an untold fortune.

It’s time to think differently. 


Written in plain yet provocative language, by one of the field’s most respected bipartisan policy experts, The Daycare Myth makes the case for why the early years matter; why America’s longstanding early childhood policy approach sacrifices the needs of young children in favor of promoting adult employment; and why fixing the problem makes good sense, regardless of your place on the political spectrum. With straightforward guidance for policymakers, practitioners, and parents, this timely book is a wakeup call for a nation that aspires to nothing less than the wholesale transformation of America’s early childhood landscape.

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