The New York Times

On March 31, 2024 Dan Wuori was featured in The New York Times in an interview with Dana Goldstein. His extensive work in the field of early childhood education was highlighted, as was his somewhat “viral” presence on Twitter/X.

Dan has a unique way of enlightening his followers on the positive effects and benefits of everyday (and what might seem totally irrelevant) interactions with young children by reposting fun and positive videos shared by others on social media. He offers a new lens for viewing these clips, that while inarguably adorable, actually contain numerous, deeper layers relevant to healthy child development. Through these subtle nudges, he keeps the conversation going as to why laying the educational path for our youngest learners is so crucial and vital for our society, and our future.

Dan Wuori featured in The New York Times in an article by Dana Goldstein on March 31, 2024